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A bit about me

During my 34+ years of professional radio experience I have been exposed to most situations – from developing and managing large, high performing talent, finding and bringing in fresh new talent, whilst also navigating through changes in structure, management and systems.

Latest from my Blog

Do the numbers add up?

This week another set of ratings get published for radio by Rajar. Every 3 months new numbers appear- distributed to stations on Wednesday, then made public at 00:01 Thursday morning. This isn’t a post about the ratings analysis- who might go up, or down, or dramatically collapse or gain. There are a few of those…

Shooting Stars

Last week I posted an article about being HUMAN- more specifically about having “human connection” to an audience and how that is one of the things that separates a radio station from a stream (think Spotify, Apple Music etc). Personality, presenters and talent woven together, crafted into something more than an algorithm driven feed. This…

Are you human?

New year- new blog post. Happy New Year! I pondered for a while between consuming mince pies about what to post about in this specific post. Numerous ideas came through my brain and foolishly I didn’t write any of them down at the time! I did some catching up on podcasts I’d missed recently and…

Its a performance, so perform.

The most charismatic personalities give something of themselves in their work. They make things real, believable and understandable by reflecting part of their personality though their work. They bring something which audience members, listeners and viewers can relate to and lift it from the page or script. In short, they PERFORM their work. The very…


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