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Born into radio, engineered with communication and equipped to add value.

A bit about me

During my 34+ years of professional radio experience I have been exposed to most situations – from developing and managing large, high performing talent, finding and bringing in fresh new talent, whilst also navigating through changes in structure, management and systems.

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Latest from my blog

Consistency isn’t boring

Everyone wants to be special. Do something “out of the box” or original and fresh. I understand that urge and it’s a noble desire. A little shout out though for…

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In praise of Ken Bruce

I’ve drafted a few posts from time to time about individuals who grace our communal airwaves. Steve Wright, John McCauley and now Ken Bruce. I mused over posting this for…

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The untold Rajar story.

This week sees the publication of the listening figures for UK Radio. Rajar is jointed owned by commercial radio and the BBC and gathers the listening figures, the currency of…

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Kill the Best Bits.

I think I might have posted something on this before but its worthy of a repeat… I just don’t understand the point of “best of radio show” style podcasts! In…

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Norman Cook said it best.

One of my suite of podcast choices is Annie MacManus’ “Changes” podcast. The last in the series 8 was a must listen for me and I found it snapped something…

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The Cult Of Personality

You are famous- here, do a show! If you scroll through the comments on socials or web regarding and celebrity stand in or hires for roles on air you find…

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Linear Re-birth

The death of live, linear radio has been proclaimed numerous times over the length of my career. From the often cliche quote from the Buggles, “Video Killed The Radio Star”,…

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It is personal

I was listening to one of my regular podcasts last week when a point raised by the host just fired raft of thoughts and emotions in my head all at…

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