The next thing…

OK so what comes next then after a third of a century doing a variety of roles and jobs at the same place? [See previous post].

It’s not something which is easy to fathom at the best of times, but in the grips of a pandemic and with a shrinking economy and radio industry, its even harder.

I spent a some time thinking about what I like doing, what I wanted to do, and what I needed to do.

I like and enjoy coaching talent, getting the best out of their work, and delivering the best performance. Helping them to realise their potential. I also enjoy training and presenting to a group or online audience- utilising my knowledge and experience to pass on to others and offer some value.

I want to combine both of those things more- coaching & teaching. To nurture, develop and bring out the best in talent that they can achieve.

In reality there isn’t a hard and fast single “next” option for me right now. I’m open to anything which excites me, utilises my skill set and interests me. You can click here to see my CV and click here to open up an email to me if you think I can help in some way.

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