New Beginning…

When I was made redundant in August of 2020, I had some very warming and heartfelt messages from people that pulled me through and really made a world of difference. I’ve mentioned before how much they meant to me.

Many people also said that the significant change in my life would also be an opportunity. I absolutely believe that was said with as much heartfelt truth as everything else that people said at the time. It’s also the kind of thing that you say at those moments isn’t it? I really wanted it to be true and I’m sure everyone who said it did too.

It’s therefore with some immense excitement that I can say it was indeed true and I have a new job, starting in 2021. For this I’m extremely thankful to the team at Jack in Oxford, for whom I will be the Group Content Manager in the new year. I’ve been working with the team there for a few months project managing the launch of two new national stations- Union Jack Rock and Union Jack Dance which came into the world this morning*. It’s just the beginning for these two new fledgling baby radio stations and I’m looking forward to what we can do across the 6 stations (3 national and 3 local in Oxfordshire) with the brilliantly talented team I’ll be working with next year.

*As a side note I think these are station launches number 12 and 13 that I’ve been involved in, although entirely possible there have been more that have faded from memory!

It means that the weekly blogging here might well fall away though I’m afraid- time will be limited but I’ll still drop the odd blog post every now and then of course, especially since I’ve got website now and everything!

A very special thank you though to everyone who has reached out during the last few months. You have all been just amazing and you don’t know just how much you helped me with the comments, texts and calls.

Here’s to 2021!

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