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Radio isn’t alone in this, but its true to say that it is a combination of art and science. The balance has to be right to produce the best results. Unfettered creative whimsy produces erratic results without form or direction whilst rigid formula application produces dull results without delight or highlight. Art and Science.

They are symbiotic if you think about it. In order to demonstrate your creative prowess and new ideas, you need to be able to demonstrate them and let people understand. That requires some order and process so people can follow along, know what you are saying, and consume your ideas. Too much art and not enough science is just as bad as too much science and not enough art.

The best creative artist types of people understand the requirement to have a framework. It might not be their favourite part of the production process, but they understand that its a required element- even if sometimes they get someone else to take care of it for them. Equally I’ve met people who are amazing organisers, can rally the very best to great end results and make sure everything is done on time and to a good standard- it’s all a bit dull though. It lacks the spark and surprise or delight of a creative spark. It feels neat, clean and predictable, almost contrived and processed.

Mastering and understanding the balance of art and science is critical for great performance and knowing when and where to deploy the required skills from left or right brain. If you are better at one or the other, recognising that fact is important- so you can find a way to utilise the skills of others to produce a great end result.

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Radio...its always been radio.

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