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Being liked is nice. Being loved is better.

It takes a lot of work and attention. Capturing the passion moments, increasing the frequency of those moments and building a following or trend. Sounds easy right? Get on with it!

If only it were.

Someone once asked me if I’d like a LOT of people to ‘like’ something I was working on, or if I’d prefer a few to ‘love’ it. The instant thought is to get the volume, get the likes, get the crowd and the hype. It is perfectly reasonable and many have been successful and happy with that. The issue comes with sustainability and growth. Is ‘liking’ enough? A lack of passion reduces frequency of sampling, desire to return and opportunity to grow. If a like is all, then something else equally liked can replace all too easily and quickly. Something else comes along that pulls them in a different direction and they will go, since their relationship with you is purely transactional.

Love something though, and you don’t give that up easily. You defend it against attack, dissent and alternative choices. You might try something else, but the passion draws you back ultimately. It isn’t a permanent bond- little is- but your more likely to be loyal and return, even if you find something else you also like. You also become an evangelist for it too, and word of mouth and recommendation is a powerful tool to have in your pocket.

Building passion into your product, creating serendipitous moments of delight, purification of the experience of sampling all makes for a deepened relationship and more chance of longer engagement.

Again- all sounds simple right?

Think like a super user. If you were a super user of your product, how might you use it? How often? At what times of the day and in what mood? How might you enhance that lived experience for that user, so that your product might match their experience? Would it surprise them and delight them?

The devil is in the detail and spending time on the things which make small differences, but important ones for those who notice. They will notice the effort, the time and care taken. It’s the difference between ‘bashing out a product’ and crafting something. People seldom have a passion for a rushed, rough, mass produced utilitarian product.

The devil is in the detail, and so is the passion.

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