What are you planning?

The two most powerful words in marketing and promotion are “new” and “improved”. I’ve posted before about the “we love new” mantra in former days at GCap, but this ins’t about that. There is some similarity I suppose because for established brands, individuals or products, evolving and trumpeting that renewal is important. There is aContinue reading “What are you planning?”

Another thing about radio…

Last week I posted about the power and impact of RADIO. For a medium which has been around for so long, its ability to garner an audience is unrivalled. Radio presentation takes a skill and understanding in order to be successful. The best radio presenters think like programmers- so they don’t just present, they thinkContinue reading “Another thing about radio…”

Just hold on a minute

When I sit and write the blog posts each week, I sometimes ponder on what to write about, how I feel about a particular topic and if I feel enough about it to give it the energy to write it down! It is also very easy to always be critical and mention how things mightContinue reading “Just hold on a minute”

Are you just looking busy?

So much of life has changed because of the pandemic in the last 2 years. Don’t worry this post isn’t about that specifically! Everyone has picked at those bones quite a bit. I once worked with someone who said to me that “being seen” to be busy, or in the office and generally “around theContinue reading “Are you just looking busy?”

Some things I know about teams

There are lots of memes and cliches about teams. “Teamwork makes the dream work”… “There is no ‘I’ in team”… Blah blah blah. All of the glib phrases and sayings have some semblance of truth of course and come from the same place and perspective. Over the space of my career I have built (andContinue reading “Some things I know about teams”

Hey, you should do a podcast!

I met with someone the other day who said randomly to me, “You should do a podcast”. This was shortly before I was guesting on a podcast for the Nottingham Trent University Business School, so I had a great get out of jail, jokey comment to say that I was on one and so allContinue reading “Hey, you should do a podcast!”

Where ideas come from.

There are no shortage of ideas. There are no new ideas. I’ve heard both, veraciously argued in many settings. In reality, of course, there are always new ideas, and indeed no real shortage of them. They are just hard to come by… perhaps. When I sat in a programmer’s chair in a radio station, thereContinue reading “Where ideas come from.”

Shout out to the throwbacks…

Language is a funny thing. We use it everyday, and change and tweak it every day. It evolves and changes over time, sometimes slower than others and in different places more than others. In radio the language and turn of phrase used is pretty crucial of course- its all we have! A friend, former colleagueContinue reading “Shout out to the throwbacks…”

How’s your ego?

For the whole of my career I have worked in radio and media. If you stop someone on the street, or take a quick stroll through social media anytime soon, you will find that most (normal) people seem to think the world of media is full of egotistical people, clamouring for attention and constant congratulations.Continue reading “How’s your ego?”

Rajar Numberwang

My diary for the Rajar Wednesday always used to be blocked out from about 0930 until about 1730 with one entry entitled “Rajar Numberwang!” Lets rotate the board! (for the uninitiated see clip of Mitchel and Webb) There are a few great posts about the ups and downs and analysis of the latest Rajar results.Continue reading “Rajar Numberwang”