How’s your ego?

For the whole of my career I have worked in radio and media. If you stop someone on the street, or take a quick stroll through social media anytime soon, you will find that most (normal) people seem to think the world of media is full of egotistical people, clamouring for attention and constant congratulations.Continue reading “How’s your ego?”

Rajar Numberwang

My diary for the Rajar Wednesday always used to be blocked out from about 0930 until about 1730 with one entry entitled “Rajar Numberwang!” Lets rotate the board! (for the uninitiated see clip of Mitchel and Webb) There are a few great posts about the ups and downs and analysis of the latest Rajar results.Continue reading “Rajar Numberwang”

Where to put my content

Where you place anything you create, or others create, can be very impactful on how it is received. I’ve posted before about hour structure, and maintaining messaging around the hour, but the actual structure- the building blocks and where things go (and don’t go)- is worth a fresh rethink. When I sat in the programmer’sContinue reading “Where to put my content”

And the winner is…

This week has seen the radio and audio industry awards, The Arias from the Radio Academy, give out its latest set of gongs. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the losers and all who felt “robbed”. I’ve had a long history with awards during my career- winning a few, judging very many, and attendingContinue reading “And the winner is…”

Three Things To Grasp

I was pondering on just how massively my life has changed in the last 2 years. It’s almost unrecognisable for many reasons and it started me thinking of what to take from it and what needs to be understood in the brave new world we now have- changed by the pandemic and all that itContinue reading “Three Things To Grasp”

Consistency counts

Forgive me on pulling on a similar thread to the last two posts to some degree (Boring is important and Sing for the Unsung)- but perhaps with a slightly different aspect. Building a product, (even before you start the whole ‘we are a brand’ discussion- more on that in another blog post perhaps!), takes aContinue reading “Consistency counts”

Sing for the unsung

After writing last week about how “Boring is important“, a few more thoughts started permeating my brain during the week. I was also contacted by a former colleague and this prompted some further thoughts about those who are ‘unsung’ in media organisations. The day to day and the mundane are the basis of building anything.Continue reading “Sing for the unsung”