It is personal

I was listening to one of my regular podcasts last week when a point raised by the host just fired raft of thoughts and emotions in my head all at once. They mentioned that when someone meets them they can tell from the way they are greeted, where the person knows them from. If theyContinue reading “It is personal”

Hurry up and slow down.

In the words of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, “Slow down, you move too fast.” (Feelin’ Groovy. Simon & Garfunkel, 1967). I’ve been thinking about pace, speed and urgency- and it seemed to crop up a few times this week during a number of events and tasks. Modern society manages to give a level ofContinue reading “Hurry up and slow down.”

Butcher of the beats

Whilst scrolling through social media, a post caught my eye which resonated with a recent thought I had. I had been pondering drafting a post for a while about music use and music respect- nothing too dramatic, just a few random thoughts which went through my mind whilst listening around, and the social post seemedContinue reading “Butcher of the beats”

Shooting Stars

Last week I posted an article about being HUMAN- more specifically about having “human connection” to an audience and how that is one of the things that separates a radio station from a stream (think Spotify, Apple Music etc). Personality, presenters and talent woven together, crafted into something more than an algorithm driven feed. ThisContinue reading “Shooting Stars”

Its a performance, so perform.

The most charismatic personalities give something of themselves in their work. They make things real, believable and understandable by reflecting part of their personality though their work. They bring something which audience members, listeners and viewers can relate to and lift it from the page or script. In short, they PERFORM their work. The veryContinue reading “Its a performance, so perform.”

This radio life

My oldest friend sent me a couple of pictures that I never knew existed. Gary Burton and I both started working in professional radio on the same day. We were both at hospital radio in Derby at the same time too and our friendship began there. It comes from a simpler time. I had hair!Continue reading “This radio life”

Local. Relevant.

I have mentioned many times that I don’t try and write a topical, current media affairs blog. There are a few reasons for that- stress (always finding something to comment about), it tends to be more last minute (and therefore adds more stress), and could generate more polarising opinions (and I could do without thatContinue reading “Local. Relevant.”

In praise of John McCauley

Many reading this will not know who John McCauley is- although if you have read a few of my posts before now you may have read my odd comment or reference to his great work. I’ve referenced John a number of times for his music passion, prep and delivery. In the last few weeks JohnContinue reading “In praise of John McCauley”

Make them care, make them wait

My former boss and friend, Duncan Campbell– now riding supreme in ARN down under- used to say this. Make them care, then make them wait. It was a mantra when we talked about forward promotion and teasing ahead, something I have already posted about. I’m not going to rehash the same topic, but lets justContinue reading “Make them care, make them wait”