Transmission isn’t reception

Making things simple is hard. Ironically, it is complex. The greatest advances come from making things simpler or easier. You can be a rock star at work, just by simplifying a process, adding some form and simplicity into a complex environment… but it isn’t always easy. The same is true of human communication. Make itContinue reading “Transmission isn’t reception”

Unfettered isn’t best

There is a thought that if you have an unrestricted, complete blank sheet, without any parameters or borders to your creativity, then THAT is the best option for you to create. “What would you do with a blank sheet?” I’ve always kicked back a little at the “think outside of the box” brigade- something whichContinue reading “Unfettered isn’t best”

Capture the passion…

Being liked is nice. Being loved is better. It takes a lot of work and attention. Capturing the passion moments, increasing the frequency of those moments and building a following or trend. Sounds easy right? Get on with it! If only it were. Someone once asked me if I’d like a LOT of people toContinue reading “Capture the passion…”

What shall we keep?

With news of vaccines and light at the end of the tunnel of the pandemic, a thought about life post-pandemic. It’s a bit of a different blog post this week. I was thinking initially outside of radio, the thing i usual post about, but then of course my mind came back to how radio relates.Continue reading “What shall we keep?”

New for old media…

Quick and short, down and dirty observation from me on the US election coverage as I sit here watching and listening. At time of writing no results are in. Firstly, hands up. I’m a news junkie and I’ve mentioned before in a previous blog post that The Daily from the New York Times is oneContinue reading “New for old media…”

Five things successful newcomers do.

Over my career in radio I have helped a fair few people into the industry. As you might have gleaned from my first blog post, there are many similarities to the state of play today to when I first began- even though the world and technology has changed completely. For the whole of my careerContinue reading “Five things successful newcomers do.”

Radio, it’s always been radio…

My social media biogs have always had the phrase, ‘Radio, it’s always been radio…” as a description line. If you have read my first blog on my site, then you will know that radio has been in my blood for quite some time- in fact I think I was 14 when the interest first sparkedContinue reading “Radio, it’s always been radio…”