Butcher of the beats

Whilst scrolling through social media, a post caught my eye which resonated with a recent thought I had. I had been pondering drafting a post for a while about music use and music respect- nothing too dramatic, just a few random thoughts which went through my mind whilst listening around, and the social post seemedContinue reading “Butcher of the beats”

Music is passion.

For pretty much most of my radio career, “music passion” has been often mentioned. Sometimes it is “we need more music passion”, sometimes it is “the music passion is great”. I was reminded recently about the number of times I’ve spent having conversations explaining what music passion is, and what it isn’t. Firstly, a thankContinue reading “Music is passion.”

Consistency counts

Forgive me on pulling on a similar thread to the last two posts to some degree (Boring is important and Sing for the Unsung)- but perhaps with a slightly different aspect. Building a product, (even before you start the whole ‘we are a brand’ discussion- more on that in another blog post perhaps!), takes aContinue reading “Consistency counts”

Sing for the unsung

After writing last week about how “Boring is important“, a few more thoughts started permeating my brain during the week. I was also contacted by a former colleague and this prompted some further thoughts about those who are ‘unsung’ in media organisations. The day to day and the mundane are the basis of building anything.Continue reading “Sing for the unsung”

Boring is important

Rather like a dog when seeing a squirrel, its easy to be come distracted by something bright, fast-moving and new. Getting bored all too quickly with the usual day to day stuff, or fetching the ball, or simply walking to heel home. I understand the desire, the urge and the need to go play withContinue reading “Boring is important”

Capture the passion…

Being liked is nice. Being loved is better. It takes a lot of work and attention. Capturing the passion moments, increasing the frequency of those moments and building a following or trend. Sounds easy right? Get on with it! If only it were. Someone once asked me if I’d like a LOT of people toContinue reading “Capture the passion…”

The 4 basics things the best get right…

It is a common phrase and request… “Get the basics right”. Simple enough, but then what? The answer many forget is you have to continue to get the basics right… consistently day in day out. It’s boring and not the bright new shiny thing, but it is a requirement, even a necessity of long termContinue reading “The 4 basics things the best get right…”