Butcher of the beats

Whilst scrolling through social media, a post caught my eye which resonated with a recent thought I had. I had been pondering drafting a post for a while about music use and music respect- nothing too dramatic, just a few random thoughts which went through my mind whilst listening around, and the social post seemedContinue reading “Butcher of the beats”

Are you human?

New year- new blog post. Happy New Year! I pondered for a while between consuming mince pies about what to post about in this specific post. Numerous ideas came through my brain and foolishly I didn’t write any of them down at the time! I did some catching up on podcasts I’d missed recently andContinue reading “Are you human?”

Its a performance, so perform.

The most charismatic personalities give something of themselves in their work. They make things real, believable and understandable by reflecting part of their personality though their work. They bring something which audience members, listeners and viewers can relate to and lift it from the page or script. In short, they PERFORM their work. The veryContinue reading “Its a performance, so perform.”

Lane control.

In order to maintain some sense of control, safety and to coordinate the potential chaos, major roads have lanes. Imagine if that wasn’t the case and a four lane motorway had no lane markings or organisation. Can you picture the carnage and free for all there might be? Its bad enough if you have everContinue reading “Lane control.”

Local. Relevant.

I have mentioned many times that I don’t try and write a topical, current media affairs blog. There are a few reasons for that- stress (always finding something to comment about), it tends to be more last minute (and therefore adds more stress), and could generate more polarising opinions (and I could do without thatContinue reading “Local. Relevant.”

Make them care, make them wait

My former boss and friend, Duncan Campbell– now riding supreme in ARN down under- used to say this. Make them care, then make them wait. It was a mantra when we talked about forward promotion and teasing ahead, something I have already posted about. I’m not going to rehash the same topic, but lets justContinue reading “Make them care, make them wait”

The Anatomy of Feedback

It is important not to operate in a vacuum. For a start, you can’t breathe! Getting some feedback and critique is good, but also has to be right, delivered effectively and accepted in the right mindset. Presenters used to say they wanted feedback. All too often they wanted just praise. Its understandable and I’m makingContinue reading “The Anatomy of Feedback”

The Art Of The Tease

There are a few things which don’t change. The sun comes up at the start of the day, it sets at the end of the day, it gets colder in winter and warmer in summer and promoting something is always worthwhile and seldom overdone. From the first time I ever stepped foot into a radioContinue reading “The Art Of The Tease”

How to complain.

Probably second only to our desire for a queue- we like to complain. Something, however small, is not to our liking and we need to let the provider know. Being in the programmer’s chair at a radio station often means the complaints come to you. Even if someone else deals with replies, or some formContinue reading “How to complain.”

An escape pod

I have blogged a bit about podcasts in the past. That they embody many of the skills, benefits and attributes of radio for example, and that just having podcast isn’t enough- you have to have a reason to start talking. I’ve also posted about a few podcasts that I listen to with some regularity andContinue reading “An escape pod”