The Anatomy of Feedback

It is important not to operate in a vacuum. For a start, you can’t breathe! Getting some feedback and critique is good, but also has to be right, delivered effectively and accepted in the right mindset. Presenters used to say they wanted feedback. All too often they wanted just praise. Its understandable and I’m makingContinue reading “The Anatomy of Feedback”

The Art Of The Tease

There are a few things which don’t change. The sun comes up at the start of the day, it sets at the end of the day, it gets colder in winter and warmer in summer and promoting something is always worthwhile and seldom overdone. From the first time I ever stepped foot into a radioContinue reading “The Art Of The Tease”

How to complain.

Probably second only to our desire for a queue- we like to complain. Something, however small, is not to our liking and we need to let the provider know. Being in the programmer’s chair at a radio station often means the complaints come to you. Even if someone else deals with replies, or some formContinue reading “How to complain.”

An escape pod

I have blogged a bit about podcasts in the past. That they embody many of the skills, benefits and attributes of radio for example, and that just having podcast isn’t enough- you have to have a reason to start talking. I’ve also posted about a few podcasts that I listen to with some regularity andContinue reading “An escape pod”

Down the local.

The relevance of locality has changed vastly over the years. The desire for something local also changes with subject, age and to some extent, location. As someone who began working in local radio, it has always been a particular passion of mine. When it is done well, it is immensely powerful, unbeatable and potent. TokenisticContinue reading “Down the local.”

Listen like a listener.

Through my whole life as a programmer, the mantra has always been to “listen like a listener”. The job of the programmer, well one of the jobs at least, is to represent the listener in the process of producing any output. In the words of Bryan Adams, “Everything we do, we do it for you”…Continue reading “Listen like a listener.”

Get it right or not get it wrong?

I had a blog post lined up to publish today, about listening like a listener. It will publish at a later date and I postponed it on Friday of last week, following the news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. On Friday it didn’t feel like it would feel right for itContinue reading “Get it right or not get it wrong?”

Music is passion.

For pretty much most of my radio career, “music passion” has been often mentioned. Sometimes it is “we need more music passion”, sometimes it is “the music passion is great”. I was reminded recently about the number of times I’ve spent having conversations explaining what music passion is, and what it isn’t. Firstly, a thankContinue reading “Music is passion.”

The posse.

I don’t write a topical radio or media news blog. Occasionally though there are incidents and stories which transcend the topical and general media landscape. A while ago the news broke about about Steve Wright leaving the afternoon show on BBC Radio 2 in September, where he has been for some 24 years. That inContinue reading “The posse.”

Stop assuming!

When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME. Thats how the cliche goes! Assuming listener knowledge or interest is something which I have forever been pointing out to presenters, producers and programmers in pretty much every coaching session for as long as I can remember. Its fairly basic, but I absolutelyContinue reading “Stop assuming!”