Do the numbers add up?

This week another set of ratings get published for radio by Rajar. Every 3 months new numbers appear- distributed to stations on Wednesday, then made public at 00:01 Thursday morning. This isn’t a post about the ratings analysis- who might go up, or down, or dramatically collapse or gain. There are a few of thoseContinue reading “Do the numbers add up?”

Shooting Stars

Last week I posted an article about being HUMAN- more specifically about having “human connection” to an audience and how that is one of the things that separates a radio station from a stream (think Spotify, Apple Music etc). Personality, presenters and talent woven together, crafted into something more than an algorithm driven feed. ThisContinue reading “Shooting Stars”

Just hold on a minute

When I sit and write the blog posts each week, I sometimes ponder on what to write about, how I feel about a particular topic and if I feel enough about it to give it the energy to write it down! It is also very easy to always be critical and mention how things mightContinue reading “Just hold on a minute”

Rajar Numberwang

My diary for the Rajar Wednesday always used to be blocked out from about 0930 until about 1730 with one entry entitled “Rajar Numberwang!” Lets rotate the board! (for the uninitiated see clip of Mitchel and Webb) There are a few great posts about the ups and downs and analysis of the latest Rajar results.Continue reading “Rajar Numberwang”

And the winner is…

This week has seen the radio and audio industry awards, The Arias from the Radio Academy, give out its latest set of gongs. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the losers and all who felt “robbed”. I’ve had a long history with awards during my career- winning a few, judging very many, and attendingContinue reading “And the winner is…”

Who’s listening?

The pandemic has sped a few things up in society and life (cash-less society for example) and slowed a few things down, and stopped a few things totally in their tracks. Radio is measured by Rajar and since at its fundamental core it requires a doorstep visit, research stopped in March 2020. Finding a wayContinue reading “Who’s listening?”

Radio, it’s always been radio…

My social media biogs have always had the phrase, ‘Radio, it’s always been radio…” as a description line. If you have read my first blog on my site, then you will know that radio has been in my blood for quite some time- in fact I think I was 14 when the interest first sparkedContinue reading “Radio, it’s always been radio…”